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The main reception, called “Loja da Entrance”, is located in a small hut with a door and window overlooking the street and the courtyard that divides the accommodation. In the past, it served as an entry point for temporary storage of agricultural products and support for pig slaughter.

This space bridges the gap between the general public, and there are some distinctive regional products for sale, such as wine, honey and olive oil and our extra sweets and essential oils. 

It is equipped with a television, table, chairs and an antique sofa that is available to guests as a common room. A coffee machine and kettle, water machine and herbal teas produced on the farm are available for guest consumption.

                                                                                        TV                                        WI-FI                                   Coffee                                  Kettle                          


The patio, which is located between the entrance room and the accommodation, has a lawn and a cobbled part and is decorated with some medicinal plants from our fields and, depending on the climate, some garden furniture. It is illuminated at night.

Guests enter through the main gate by entering a code to facilitate night entrances or late check-in.

At the moment, guests' cars are parked in Largo dos Saraivas, where we are located, and in complete safety.


It is in the “entrance room” that breakfast is served to guests, between 8:30 am and 10:30 am and which includes the traditional village bread – quartered wheat bread and rye bread, scrambled eggs and homemade cake, the our extra sweets and seasonal fruits. AllReservations have breakfast included.

Our guests can also enjoy a picnic basket while enjoying the afternoon in our solarium, participating in farm activities or taking walks around the region. You can request it at the time of booking, indicating the day and time, or during your stay, at least the day before. This contains ham, chorizo and/or local cheese sandwiches, fruit and water. It may also include white or red wine from the region.

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