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Quarto dos cereais

Each suite or room faces a garden and occupies one of the old “stores” where olive oil, rye and firewood were collected. The current spaces enjoy all the comfort of modern construction, but also the beauty of the granite walls with the niches and elements that were part of each of the “stores”. Therefore, each accommodation has a unique personality and charm.


The cereal store is located on the ground floor of the Solar, has granite walls and a door and window overlooking the Solar's courtyard. The space was the former storage room for rye or wheat harvested on the farm in wooden chests. It has a private bathroom and part of the granite walls. The room is spacious, has a bedqueen size with a headboard made from a bread chest and 2 straw armchairs. There is no shortage of utensils to remind us of the usability of the old space, from meters, shovels, scythes and rakes. The charm to accommodate a couple. All of our reservations include breakfast.

Air conditioning                        Private bathroom                              Dryer                                  WI-FI                         3 people                              Smoking                           Animals

Since 80€/night

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